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Welcome to The Cube! 

Our mission is to create a world where raising a family and running a business is normal. 

Dr. Tammira Lucas
TeKesha Jamison, MS

TeKesha Jamison is an award winning entrepreneur. She has dedicated over 19 years of her life in leadership roles to provide sustainable solutions to the major issues with the local criminal justice system in Maryland, but being a mom is one of her biggest accomplishments.  

Dr. Tammira Lucas

Recognized as one of Baltimore's Top 40 under 40,

Dr. Tammira Lucas is a thought leader who has quickly emerged as a trailblazer among millennial professionals and a powerful voice for communities locally, nationally, and internationally. Dr. Lucas is the founder of The Cube, Cowork, the largest black women-owned coworking space in the United States that provides babysitting services. Dr. Lucas is a strong advocate for women in business, especially moms. With her dedication to ensuring that all moms have access to resources and support to balance their careers, businesses, and family, she co-founded The National Association of Mom Entrepreneurs (formally Moms As Entrepreneurs). The National Association of Mom Entrepreneurs provides advocacy, support, and resources for mom entrepreneurs. Dr. Lucas is an Author, Speaker, Philanthropist, and Professor. Dr. Lucas has dedicated her life to focus on building stronger and equitable communities through leadership, education, social innovation, and entrepreneurship. Dr. Lucas holds three degrees in business, including a Doctor of Business Administration. Her biggest pride and joys are her daughter, Ryann, and her husband, Robert.

TeKesha Jamison, MS
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