At The Cube Cowork you have three options: 

A Coworking membership- This membership is for those that desire a space where they can simply work and access resources like our babysitting services. 

Private Office Space Rental membership- This option is for those that desire a dedicated office for themselves and/or their team. This membership is a 6-month commitment!

Mailing Address membership- This membership is for those that desire (or need) a mailing address for their business. Many business owners need a mailing address and not a PO Box. We offer this service to those around the country. You DO NOT need  to be a Maryland business to utilize our service.  This service is a 3-month commitment! 




Frequently asked questions

What does my membership provide me access to?

Each membership offers different perks. As an unlimited member, you have access to our open area coworking space, great wifi, our amazing community, relaxing lounge space, and various perks from our partners. The unlimited membership DOES NOT provide you access to a private office. You are allowed to come to The Cube six days a week from 8am-8pm, Monday through Saturday.

What is The Cube Code of Conduct?

Listen, we are all adults, and we know right from wrong. However, we want to ensure you understand the culture we have created at The Cube Cowork. We are a family-oriented space. We expect our members to respect each other, respect our home away from home, clean behind themselves, and have courtesy. There should be no drugs on the premises.

What is the guest policy?

All members are responsible for their guests. Members should escort guests throughout the building. Members should open the door for their guests and ensure they exit the building.

Can I share my membership?

Unlimited memberships can not be shared. The member who signed up for the membership is the only person who should have the app on their phone and is granted access to The Cube Cowork. If The Cube leadership staff discovers sharing of the membership is happening, your membership will be canceled WITHOUT a refund.

Will I automatically be charged monthly?

All monthly members will be charged the 1st of every month. Memberships will automatically be suspended for non-payment, and The Cube staff will make arrangements for you to acquire any of your personal belongings.

Can I cancel my membership anytime?

Only Unlimited members can cancel memberships anytime. Office rental & mailbox members have a 6 month commitment- No exceptions.

How do I retrieve my mail?

There are three ways to retrieve your mail. Virtually (additional cost) through a secured online mailbox, pick-up (you must request a pick up through the Spheremail system), or mail forwarding (additional cost).

Do I need to call to check if I have mail?

No, our system will alert you if you have mail. Please note we do not control the USPS mail system.

How do I reserve play area services?

Once you become a member, you will have access to our management system. Once in the system you are able to reserve coplay spots. Currently, play area services is only available Monday-Thursday.

How do I reserve meeting rooms as a member?

In the proximity system, you should click reservations, choose the date and then choose the meeting room of your choice (additional cost is associated with this reservation).